Nutrients of a Tuberculosis Patient Diet

Tuberculosis is a very chronic disease which caused by tubercle bacilli. It is a very common disease in India and other producing nations. The Tuberculosis disease affects first our lungs, which caused by pulmonary tuberculosis. Tuberculosis also affect our intestines, brain, bones, joints, skin and other part of the physical structure. Mostly persons are suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis. Here are some nutrients which need to be a part  of tuberculosis patient which are as follows-


If you are suffering from tuberculosis disease, then it will advisable to include protein in your diet. By tuberculosis disease patients are loss of muscle bulk, which is easily avoided if patients are consuming enough protein in his or her diet. Include foods which give you protein like if you are vegetarian then eat pulses, milk products, cheese, tofu and milk and if you are a non vegetarian then eat meat, fish and eggs. Protein-rich drinks can also be recommendable by doctors, particularly if the tuberculosis patient suffers from a low appetite.


If you are having tuberculosis disease, then include B complex vitamins in your diet.If you are vegetarian then  eat whole grain cereals, different types of pulses, nuts and seeds, it will beneficial for your health.And if you are non vegetarians, then eat eggs, fish like sea fish like salmon, and tuna, chicken and meat in your diet.


It is advisable by health expert, if you are suffering from tuberculosis disease eat less than 2300 milligram which means 1 tablespoon of salt of sodium per day. Eat low sodium foods, and don’t add too much salt while cooking. Tuberculosis patients also need to eat potassium foods, like fruits and green leafy vegetables.


It is recommended by doctors for tuberculosis patients to eat Brazil nuts, it gives our body selenium. Fortified eggs are too good for tuberculosis patients, if you are a non vegetarian then eat this kind of eggs. Tuberculosis patients must need to include mushrooms and several kinds of nuts, and seeds like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame are best origin of zinc and selenium. If you are a non vegetarian then include oysters, fish, chicken and meat in your diet.


For tuberculosis patients it will necessary to drink at least 3 cups of low fat free milk per day. Most of the persons are not drinking milk and keep away from milk products also; they think if they consume milk products their weight is reaching excess level. There are many low fat and fat free options are available in the market, which also not included sugars and very beneficial for tuberculosis patients for their overall health. Some persons are not like to drink milk, and then it is good for their health if they pick out some milk products, alternative like yogurt, or you can drink lactose free milk. Also, if people are also not like all alternatives of milk products, then they can include non –dairy calcium containing supplements which fulfilled calcium requirements in their body.