Rice Consumption: Merits and Demerits

Every individual like to eat rice very much. It is the most common food in the whole world, half of the world population eating rice. After corn; it is the second most crops which are consumed in high quantity. There are forty thousand varieties of rice in the whole world except Antarctica. The Basmati rice, white rice, brown rice is some varieties of rice which are very famous in India. If we are eating rice per day it gives us a great source of energy and also it is the best source of Vitamin B1. Rice is used in many cuisines, but today most of the individuals are avoiding eating rice for maintaining their weight. However, it is not good for our health if we completely avoid eating rice. Less quantity of rice is good for our body. Here are some merits and demerits of eating rice, which is as follows-



By Rice Consumption we will find a carbohydrate, which works as fuel in our body and also help for function properly of our mind as easily. Rice is a dependable source of carbohydrates, which help our digestive system and converted into energy, unlike complex carbohydrates. It will require our body of carbohydrates, which are important for the mobilization of our body and turned into functional usable energy. Rice gives us our body vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients which increase the function and metabolic activity of our organ systems which increases energy levels. Carbohydrates are very important for effectiveness of metabolic activities which increases the levels of energy.


If we are eating rice regularly, then it is very beneficial for our health, because it does not carry any harmful fats like cholesterol or sodium. Rice is the best option of foods; it is simply cut down the risk of our heart and arterial diseases as well. Any food which gives us lots of nutrients without containing any negative effect in our body is very beneficial. Rice includes low level of fats, cholesterol and sodium, which help to reduce our weight loss. Rice is used in all over the world.


Rice Consumption with brown and black rice, white rice is resistant to oxidation. As a consequence, it takes more time for white rice to go rancid, with comparison of brown rice. For example, white rice remains edible for a whole week after when it is cooked. And if we are talking about brown rice, then it goes bad a day when it is cooked.



In rice there is white starch, including which is highly stick and it is difficult for our digestive system. Fiber is also exceedingly down in rice, which does not facilitate proper intestine cleaning.


Despite rice gives us energy, but it gives simple carbohydrates which are the worst form of carbohydrates and it will elevate our blood sugar level and increase our weight also.