How to Control Your Temper Before You Lose It?

Temper is a very common emotion which every individual feels sometime in his or her life. And when we react in our temper, then the result will be serious sometimes. If in a temper person loses his or her mind and do something that could be unsafe for themselves and also for other peoples as well. If you lose your temper it will damage your personal relationship and equally considerably as your career and your family too. Here are some tips for handling temper which is helpful for ourself to cool our mind are as follows-


For handling temper easily you compose your sentiments and feelings in a journal, and then free them. Once you compose  on a dairy, say to yourself I am moving from this temper and become a better human being. Normally, just taking it out of your brain and onto paper will help you release it from your mind.


It will need to your body to do some breathing exercises properly, which help to make your mind peaceful and relax. When you wanted to slow down your temper, then control your breathing. It will require to you to breathe in for specific counts and holding your breath for after few counts. It is necessary for you to hold your breath for some time and release them after a few minutes . The feeling of your uncontrollable temper situation will be released easily by practicing deep breathing properly.


When we say something without thinking, then we can’t get it backward. If you say hurtful or nasty things to any individual can give a bad impact on your personal reputation. It can likewise point out your upbringing. Thus, it is important for everybody what you say to somebody what the way you pronounce it, and where you say it. It is best for you to confront any individual in private, whenever it will be possible, you can think about it.


If you sometimes caught in that position where you can lose your temper easily, and then walk away from that situation with a clear mind. If you are in the middle of an argument, simply you can tell another individual you don’t want to struggle with his or her and you would wish to extend the argument about other time. Take some time to relax and sit down properly. It will good for you, if you go outside for a long walk or take an hour and go for outing with your friends. And take a break from working in an office, and does some physical activity which helps you to keep your mind relax. When you come back to the problem, your fresh perspective will assist you discover the best answer.


You need some time to remember like a detective. Notice some kind of situations where you can lose your temper, and, what form of peoples you are handled, that easily you can lose your temper in front of them. Once you aware of them, you can easily avoid temper.