Home Remedies to Whiten Dark Hands and Feet

We all wants that if our face looks beautiful, then our hands and feet also look good. If we work outside then our skin get dark complexion, by the UV sun rays which increase the production of melanin pigment. When if you give importance of your face and neck, you neglect skin of hands and feet, which is also an important part in our body. When you go outside, and then cover your hands and feet also, because by the direct rays of sun your skin will be dark. If your face looks beautiful and complexion is also white, but your hands and feet skin color is dark, so don’t need to worry, here are some home remedies which are helpful to modify your skin into fairer skin of dark hands and feet which are followed-


To get rid away from dark skin of hand and feet, it will need to use raw milk, it is very simple and effective home remedy for dark hands and feet which give fair color complexion easily. In raw milk there is lactic acid include which exfoliate the dead skin of our cells in the body from the surface of the skin .Apply raw milk on skin of hands and feet for at least 30 minutes. After that wash it properly.


Lemon is used in every home. It is natural bleach, which gives skin white complexion of dark skin. When you go outside and by the sun rays your skin of hands and feet are dark, then massage with lemon juice for a few minutes at least 10 to 15 minutes, it is easily fair your skin complexion. Mostly dead skin forms a dark layer over our hand and feet. Then you will need to use lemon juice, it will be an effective home remedy for dark hands and feet.


If your hand and feet skin is dark, then you will need to massage it with using coconut water. It is a very effective home remedy to get rid off of dark skin of hands and feet. Massage your hand and feet with coconut water for at least 10 to 15 minutes before to go for a bath.


Turmeric is used in every kitchen. It is a beneficial spice which has caused the skin fair from dark complexion. You will require to add few spoons of lemon juice in turmeric and mix it well both the components. Apply this mixture at least for 30 minutes on your hands and feet. When 30 minutes are over then washing your hands and feet properly. Use this home remedy at least one time on each day.


Oranges include vitamin C, it is a citrus fruit, which gives fair complexion of our skin of hands and feet .Rub orange juice on your skin of hands and feet for at least an hour. You will require cotton for applying orange juice. After one hour wash your hands and feet using warm hot water. For this home remedy use always fresh orange. And for every week, do this remedy for at least one day.