Tips for Controlling Blood Sugar and Diabetes

Controlling blood sugar levels means we control our own life .Every individual who is suffering from diabetes disease are doing treatment with the help of allopathic medicine. But without medicine, diabetes disease can be cured also only by simply change our lifestyle. Here are some tips to control blood sugar which are as follows-


If you do regular exercise, then it will assist your body to lose weight and also increase insulin sensitivity easily .If your insulin sensitivity is increased it means your cells in the body are functioning properly to apply the available sugar in your bloodstream. Exercise has also helped to your muscles; to work properly for utilized blood sugar for enhanced energy and contraction of the muscular tissue .Walking, running, swimming are some best exercise to do regularly if you desired to attempt to lower your blood sugar levels. As many you are physically active, your blood sugar level is controlled.


If you are diabetes patients and proceed for lunch or dinner at a restaurant, that it will create a problem for you. There are so many options available in dishes, it is a tough choice in deciding whether a dish on menu meets your low fat, low sugar, and low carbohydrate can be unmanageable.

Basically food based on Chinese, Indian and Japanese cuisines, is quite healthy if we eat at a lunch or dinner. But if you order white rice for lunch or dinner in a restaurant then it contains lots of sugars .And some eastern dishes also included lots of fat, which is also avoided to eat for diabetes patients. You need much more careful about what you give orders to  eat in a restaurant .Pizza, Burger ,French fries and other fast foods include lots of carbohydrates and fat ,which is not safe for diabetes patients . When you go outside for lunch or dinner, then you will need to note down what you eat. It is required by you to   check after every 2 hours your blood sugar level. It will help to give the result of your blood sugar, which foods give a bad impact on your glucose levels and what foods are safe to eat in a lunch or dinner.


Add cinnamon in your everyday meal or you can take as a supplement also; it will help to maintain lower blood pressure without getting off hold any allopathic medicine. If you use only 6 grams of cinnamon every day, then it will help to reduce your blood sugar levels and any other risk components of diabetes too.


Green tea is a very good alternative for a hike up our metabolism, also it will help to maintain our weight easily, both are important to regulate our blood sugar levels and lower the rate of risk level of diabetes disease. It is advisable to drink at least 5 to 6 cups of green tea every day; it will help to lower a risk of causing type 2 diabetes easily in comparison of other peoples who drink only 1 cup of green tea per week.